AI for Everyone:
An Introduction to AI

This course will introduce the terminology, tools and high level considerations needed to implement successful AI projects within your organisation.

"AI is the new electricity”
Andrew Ng

Why do you need this course?

Fewer than a quarter of organisations have embedded AI into multiple parts of their business, and only about half have implemented AI at all McKinsey. The number one barrier to AI adoption is a lack of clear strategy from executives, business leaders, and product managers. This stems from a lack of understanding as to what the technology can and can’t currently achieve, difficulties in identifying opportunities within their businesses, and knowing how to implement an AI project.

AI for Everyone is a workshop designed specifically to address these challenges in the context of business leaders responsible for defining and delivering an AI strategy. You will learn why AI is only now becoming a transformative technology, what is and isn’t currently possible, solidified with use cases specific to your industry, how to develop an AI strategy, and recommendations for implementing AI projects. This seminar is instilled with all of our knowledge and experience from delivering and managing AI products.

What you'll learn...

AI Terminology
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science

A brief history of AI
Why is the technology taking off now

What AI can and can’t currently do
Hype vs. reality

Use cases specific to your domain
Understand how AI is being used in your industry

Developing an AI Strategy
How to implement AI in your business

Identifying opportunities for AI
Matching business tasks with capabilities

Why Choose Curvestone?

At Curvestone we help companies adopt AI everyday and we have learned what works and what doesn't.

We have delivered AI for Everyone to departments of the government, banks, investment firms, and international tech conferences.

Our Experts

Our teachers are our experts. Their primary role is to deliver real AI projects, but they also enjoy teaching others about the lessons they learn.

Alex Morgan

Head of Machine learning

Alex has experience consulting for and implementing AI projects for financial services, government, and tech start ups, amongst others. He has Masters degree in Quantum Technologies and a Ph.D. in Physics from University College London.

Dawid Kotur

Co-founder & CEO

Dawid has experience working with the leadership of large organisations helping them to launch new ventures and projects in the space of AI and automation. Dawid specialises in assessing the return on investment when implementing new technologies.

Companies we've worked with

Who should attend

AI for Everyone is aimed at business decision makers looking to improve AI adoption within their company by developing an AI strategy, identifying opportunities for AI, implementing pilot projects, or expanding current AI projects across their business. No prior knowledge of AI or technical background is required.


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