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We build, implement and maintain a diverse range of intelligent bots that harness the power of AI, to solve your business challenges.

What is a 'Bot'?

A bot is an automated program that can execute commands, perform routine and repetitive tasks, collect data and send messages at a much higher rate than is possible for a human. Our bots are future-proof, scalable solutions that can be iterated as new needs arise.

Many people are familiar with the term 'chatbots' but there are many types of bot that can be custom developed to increase efficiency, ensure accuracy and add value to your team, your company and your customers. 

Think of them as your digital workforce, bots can interact with any system or application in the same way you do. They can help you to dramatically reduce operating costs, eliminate errors and allow you to scale on demand.

Web Bots

Collect, analyse, structure and file information, to gain access to valuable, actionable insights. Interact with any site on the internet, even those without APIs.


Converse with customers and users to address their needs. Connect via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Slack or via custom-integrated bot that connects to your own platform.

Workflow Bots

Automate repetitive, sequential tasks and processes to free up your people for more impactful work. Use bots to login, authenticate and solve problems, like any human user would.

AI Bots

Use Machine Learning to teach your bot how to recognise, surface and analyse useful data. Harness the latest technological breakthroughs to supercharge your organisation.

  • “Humans and machines - each on their own - won't be enough to drive businesses in the coming decades. Tomorrow's leading enterprises will be those that know how to meld the two effectively.”
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Benefits of Using Bots & Intelligent Automation

Increase Process Speed

Bots can execute tasks at the fastest rate possible, they never sleep or take breaks.

Scale on Demand

Infinitely elastic, you can instantly increase or decrease capacity to meet demand.

Zero Errors

Say goodbye to human error, bots can achieve 100% accuracy every time.

Improve Morale

Relieve your workplace of boring, repetitive tasks leaving them to focus on adding value.

Enhance Compliance

Designed to follow the rules, everything bots do can be monitored and logged. #GDPR

Amplify Security

Unparalleled security with task separation, access control and encryption.

Bot Management Platform

Our custom Bot Management Platform gives you the keys to control and monitor your bots to ensure they fit in with your business needs.

  • Manage Your Bots

    Decide when to start and stop your bot or set your bots to run automatically at a specific time or interval.

  • Manage Data

    View your bots' output, monitor issues and manipulate data before exporting.

  • Run Multiple Bots

    Tackle large tasks by scheduling a bot to run on multiple servers simultaneously.

Looking for Guidance?

If you identify with any of these problems, we can help.

“I think this task can be automated but don't know what options are available to me.”

“We’re growing really quickly and can’t hire good talent fast enough.”

"If we can make the most of the available data, we'll gain a real competitive advantage."

“I think our competitors are using bots to boost their business. We need to keep up.”

“I have a highly skilled team and I want them to focus their efforts on more impactful work.”

“This task used to be manageable but now we’ve grown we can’t keep on top of the workload.”

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