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Transform your legal teams with Generative AI

WorkflowGPT is powered by your data, enabling legal teams to provide their clients with faster, more intelligent and cost-efficient solutions

What can WorkflowGPT help my team do?

Rapid Document Analysis

Analyse legal documents quickly, reducing manual work and turnaround time

Internal Search Engine

Search large databases of documents to help you find a needle in a haystack

Document Comparison

Compare similar documents or clauses and understand the differences between them

Natural Language Query

Ask complex questions in plain English, and receive clear, concise answers and signposting

WorkflowGPT in Action

Change the way your lawyers spend their time...

Researching Case Law

Find relevant precedents and rulings with advanced search capabilities

Contract Analysis

Identify key clauses, terms, and differences in contracts

Categorising Data

Organise and categorise large volumes of data, such as bank statements

Search Large Databases

Upload and search extensive text-based documents to find the most relevant information

Individual Document Queries

Ask questions about specific documents and receive accurate responses


Answer any question based on all of your policies and internal guidelines

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Enterprise-Grade Security and Data Ownership

ISO Certified Enterprise Grade

All data is fully owned by the client and stored in a way where only your team has access to it. Data does not get stored in ChatGPT and does not get used for training any models.

WorkflowGPT is built utilising Microsoft Azure and its enterprise features. All data is kept within the Microsoft Azure environment and is not used for training any models. We use an enterprise version of the GPT API for enhanced security.

Enhanced Data Security and handling practices

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What is WorkflowGPT?
WorkflowGPT is a platform that enables legal professionals to harness the power of the latest Generative AI technology to automate workflows and improve efficiency.
Who can use WorkflowGPT?
WorkflowGPT is designed for law firms, legal departments, and other professionals within the legal industry.
What type of use cases does WorkflowGPT support?
WorkflowGPT supports use cases such as researching case law, contract analysis, data categorisation, searching large databases, and individual document queries.
How is my data handled?
WorkflowGPT is built on Microsoft Azure and follows enhanced data security practices. We use an enterprise version of the GPT API that does not store data in ChatGPT and does not use it for model training.
Who is the Exploratory Programme suited to?
This programme is designed for companies evaluating the potential of Generative AI, its capabilities, and how to implement it within their organisation in a controlled environment. This program is not intended for companies seeking to deploy the solution for business-as-usual use.
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