Advancing automation to change the future of work

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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way we work by building software and systems that automate labour intensive manual tasks and enable a highly skilled and motivated workforce to focus on issues that really matter. We support organisations in the discovery, development and delivery of automation ideas to help your teams grow above and beyond.

Industry challenge

Massive shifts in technical paradigms since the web 2.0 revolution have left many established industries and large organisations behind. Failure to adapt quickly has created a near impossible web of manual, repetitive and complex workflows.

Collaboration mindset

Using a bottom up approach to get right to the heart of organisational issues, we listen to and mentor teams through solutions to fast track your systems’ transformation. We bring key decision makers to the table to cut through complexity and bring new ideas to life.

Meet the disruptors

Curvestone connects the startup world to the corporate sector. We bring influencers, innovators and entrepreneurs from our hyper-networked, digital generation back into your organisation to solve real problems for real people.


Who we are

We are a cross disciplinary team of software engineers, consultants, data analysts, designers, directors and ethnographers. We are fascinated by the future of work and automation. At lunch we talk about blockchain, AI, agile development and disrupting industries.

We love to code and we teach anyone with industry experience who knocks on our door. We have a start-up mentality and keep our millennial spirits happy by spending our time going after projects we can get fully behind. Choosing projects we believe in, for clients we admire, inspires us to put in the extra hours that makes the difference between good and great.

Recent challenges we've helped to solve

  • Automating manual tasks and unifying workflows by harnessing OCR, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP technologies
  • Saving the environment by helping a freight organisation to become "paperless"
  • Using AI to detect marketplace disintermediation
  • Exploring modern communication patterns to tackle educational inequality
  • Solving large scale communication issues by building an internal social network app

Drop us a line, or give us a heads up if you're interesting in visiting us.

WeWork Paddington
2 Eastbourne Terrace
W2 6LG