We are digital product specialists, pioneering the use of machine learning to solve problems.

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Digital Products

AI enabled digital products are often described as the future, we disagree, we believe they are the present. We specialise in designing and building digital products that utilise AI as part of the solution.

Bots & Intelligent Automation

A highly skilled and motivated workforce should focus on the issues that really matter, boring and repetitive tasks should not exist. We build bots and systems to automate labour intensive processes. We facilitate organisations in their discovery, development and delivery of automation ideas to help them scale.

AI / Machine Learning

AI can be applied to solve an ever-increasing number of real-world problems. Our dedicated team of AI academics and practitioners are specialists at solving challenges through the use of machine learning, across a diverse range of industries. Professional services, transportation, health, sales and education are just a few areas we have worked in recently.


To us, design is about more than what’s on the surface. Our agile team of in-house designers work together with our clients to create engaging experiences both digitally and offline. We can help conduct user research, facilitate website planning, design beautiful websites, branding, create digital assets for social media marketing, as well as offline print marketing including, advertisements and brochures.

Prototypes & Proof of Concept

We believe that big companies, entrepreneurs and investors should always test and validate their potential ventures before investing large amounts of money in them. We design and build Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to determine whether their new digital product ideas are worth pursuing.

Digital Marketplaces

Marketplaces have reinvented the way we shop for goods and services online, but multi-sided platforms are notoriously complex to build and scale. With our experience in AI and marketplace platform building we can help start-up and scale-up marketplaces validate and/or build features that help reach critical mass while maximising the value they add to each community.


Automating unstructured document scanning using ML

Together with PwC, using problem-centric thinking and the latest advances in technology within this space, we were able to test the application of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning to process complex documents at scale. We broke new ground in how neural networks can be applied to document scanning, extraction and analysis. 
PwC Annual Report →


Who we are

We are a cross-disciplinary team of software and machine learning engineers, consultants, data scientists, physicists, designers, entrepreneurs and anthropologists. Together, we are digital product specialists, pioneering the use of machine learning to solve problems. At lunch we talk about the latest developments in AI, agile methodologies, impactful ideas, blockchain and disrupting industries.

We have a start-up mentality and feed our millennial spirits by spending our time going after projects that we can get fully behind. Choosing projects we believe in, for clients we admire, inspires us to put in the extra hours that make the difference between good and great.

Recent challenges we've helped to solve

  • Automated manual tasks and unified workflows by harnessing OCR, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP technologies.
  • Kept young minds in the stretch-zone by designing and developing an adaptive learning platform.
  • Developed bots to take over manually intensive processes so an SME could move fast and hire more brains to focus on strategy.
  • Solved complex warehouse and factory building maintenance challenges through user-centred design and machine learning.
  • Developed AI to detect and prevent marketplace disintermediation.
  • Transformed a team into sales superheroes by using Natural Language Processing and machine Learning to identify hot leads.
  • Leveraged teen trends in modern communication to tackle educational inequality.
  • Helped a freight company go ‘paperless’ and in-turn reduced cost, improved security and workflows by thinking green.
  • Tackled large-scale communication issues by building an internal social networking app.

Drop us a line, or give us a heads up if you're interested in visiting us.

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