Automation of Complex Manual Workflows

December 19, 2021

Project Summary

  • Automation of complex manual workflows
  • Multiple data sources and regulatory constraints
  • Ongoing program of value added use cases
  • User enablement program

Customer Challenge

A financial services firm were unable to meet customer demand. Complex, manual configuration of financial services meant that they were unable grow profitably because of the client onboarding costs. Constantly changing regulations added further manual processes, costs and errors. Errors that exposed their clients to litigation.

How did we help?

By auditing the manual work flows we were able to prioritise business processes according to potential automation savings and minimisation of business risk. A portal running on top of a rules engine was used to automate work with multiple, varied data sources and regulatory constraints. By working through the prioritised processes we were able to prototype the automations and verify the business outcomes. This approach accelerated time to benefit on the highest priorities and matched the client’s investment to the benefit. Stepwise investment and benefit, rather than ‘big bang’ (or bust).

Business Outcomes

In one process flow our solution saved the team 80 man hours per month and reduced regulatory infringements to zero. This took the brakes off their expansion plans; they were able to double their customer base in a three month period, a 30% increase in revenue, all without hiring any additional staff.


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