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Curvestone People

The people in our team make Curvestone an outstanding company, and we are proud to deliver solutions for industry leaders.

We are empathic, proactive sense-makers.

We listen, understand, design and build.

We make awesome things…

Our Leadership Team

Breanna Yen
Breanna Yen
Co-founder & CDO

Breanna is our CDO and champions design-driven innovation by focusing on the user first and leveraging our ability to define, ideate, prototype and test. Not your typical designer, Breanna approaches challenges in different way, and her user-centric perspective helps us to frame the problem so that the right questions can be asked to develop innovative solutions.

She has 10 years of experience working in the world of startups, including the baby care industry, online dating and EdTech. She went on to build a successful product design company and later moved into digital marketing, specializing in marketplace technologies, SEO and PPC.

Outside of Curvestone, Breanna encourages undergraduates from the University of London collegiate who are interested in working in startups by supporting the mentorship programme. She also regularly co-organizes C.R.A.P Talks (Conversion Rate, Analytics & Product) with her network at moo.com, booking.com and Just Eat.

Sebastian Kotur
Sebastian Kotur
Co-founder & CPO

Seb is an experienced technology leader with a background in startups, enterprise, and product development. His expertise lies in using Machine Learning for Text Classification, building platforms and products that seamlessly integrate these solutions into the user experience. His unique training in Computer Science and Anthropology has equipped him with a user-centric viewpoint, which allows him to create truly valuable solutions. He is passionate about using the right tools for the job, and is always on the lookout for new technologies that can help him achieve his goals.

Seb is an active person and enjoys running and sailing. He runs with his group, Midnight Runners, and has recently started to get more involved in marathon running. He also obtained his Day Skipper a few summers ago in Croatia, and frequently enjoys sailing trips with friends and family. In his free time, he also loves to explore new technologies and stay up to date with the latest advancements in his field.

Dawid Kotur
Dawid Kotur
Co-founder & CEO

Dawid is our CEO and is responsible for the commercial validation of our projects, ensuring that our technical solutions actually solve problems. He leads our clients at the discovery stage of the project to focus their efforts, define goals and create a plan.

Dawid’s experience spans both the startup world and large enterprises. During his time at Metro Bank, Dawid led a team to build the bank’s first Mobile Banking service. He then ran accelerators at GKN and PwC, designed to develop and implement employee-led tech innovation ideas.

Dawid enjoys running with his running group, Midnight Runners, and hiking with friends. He also likes to read as much as possible, his favourite writer being Nicholas Taleb. Dawid gets a buzz from solving difficult problems and taking part in Hackathons.

Amy Woodcock
Amy Woodcock
Head of Consulting and Delivery

Amy is our Head of Consulting at Curvestone, focused on collaborating with clients to understand their needs and map out the digital solution that’s right for them. With one eye on the bigger picture and the other on the finer detail, Amy has a passion for understanding how things ‘work’ and solving problems.

Prior to joining the team, Amy spent seven years at innovation consultancies like ?What If! and Pollen8, taking on multiple roles that spanned operations, project and programme management and consulting.

Outside of Curvestone, Amy is a crew captain for the Midnight Runners, a global running community. Amy facilitates weekly runs in London, leading 150+ people on boot camp runs around the Thames, and has also travelled with the group around the world, helping to launch new chapters in Barcelona, New York, Paris and Boston.

Nick Long
Nick Long

Nick is our CTO, with 20 years of experience building agile engineering teams in sectors including: media, content recognition and IOT. He has a passion for architecting distributed systems and lean engineering.

Prior to joining Curvestone Nick studied AI before going on to build highly scalable and resilient systems for Siemens and the BBC including iPlayer and Freeview. He then moved into the Cambridge high tech start-up space where he grew teams from the first hire to successful exit. During this time he delivered solutions to: Ipsos, Universal, Sony, Google, NHS, John Lewis, and many more.

Outside of work Nick spends a lot of time running both half marathons and also after his three young children as well as playing guitar, and trying to read a book a week.

Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan
Head of Machine Learning

Alex leads Machine Learning at Curvestone, overseeing the AI aspects of projects. His expertise is in identifying how machine learning can be applied to make business processes more efficient, as well as developing machine learning pipelines and deploying them onto cloud-based infrastructure.

Alex has a Ph.D. in experimental physics from UCL. His research was in hybrid quantum systems, where he studied the interaction between helium atoms and superconducting resonators, a component which could become essential for future quantum computers.

In his spare time Alex joins the Curvestone team at Midnight Runners, is a keen cyclist, and has hiked many of the mountains in the UK, as well as Everest Base Camp. He also enjoys attending hackathons, and organised the UCL Maths and Physical Sciences Hackathon which was attended by 50 PhD students.

Sam Floy
Sam Floy
Head of Partnerships

Sam is our Head of Partnerships, focused on introducing new organisations to Curvestone and ensuring that they get set up for success.

Sam has had a varied professional background, building teams and growing businesses in the UK, Denmark and East Africa. The common thread has been to streamline the experience for customers and colleagues to do their best work.

Outside of Curvestone, Sam hosts a popular podcast on Danish culture (he lives in Copenhagen) and enjoys cooking, travelling and playing hide and seek with his young daughter.

“Really helpful output in a short time and the algorithm looks great! We will definitely get you to explore the rest of the process to see where you can help us streamline so we can scale more effectively.”
Ed Carey

Our talents speak for themselves...

  • Alumni Facebook Deep Tech Accelerator

  • London Lead for Meta Developer Circles: The AI Advantage

  • Google AI Partner

  • AI Experts given freedom to conduct white paper research

  • 10% of ML Dev budget allocated to research

  • Our Team Diversity (female:male // 40:60)

  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2020

  • Meta #TechByHer

  • PwC Global Innovation Challenge Finalist

  • New Entrepreneurs Foundation Alumni

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