Intelligent Document Processing Within Tax

December 19, 2021
1 minute

Project Summary

  • Intelligent document processing
  • Automation of manual workflows
  • New capability can be extended to multiple use cases
  • Significant competitive advantage

Customer Challenge

A large professional services firm wanted to increase the number of clients they could service without hiring additional employees in order to maximise profits.

How did we help?

We built a platform that ingests data from Excel and PDFs and then automatically suggests a tax category for each line item.
When dealing with PDFs, we use AI and OCR to extract data from tables, even if they have lots of different formats per document or no clear table bounds. This means the teams can process documents that contain 1000s of pages of the same data structure, as well as documents that have a significantly varied table structure.
Once the data has been extracted it is fed through our custom built Categorisation Engine, powered by AI, to automatically suggest a tax category and perform tax calculations. We also built a friendly UI to enable the inspection of results, collaboration, and any manual adjustments. Once everything is in order, our solution generates automated reports that can be passed on to the client.

Business Outcomes

Our solution increased our Client’s team capacity by 450% and is able to crunch through 100k documents a month with options to scale that up if needed.


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